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Realbom RB-F220U helps the bank to build a high-performance desktop self-service STM.
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RB-F220U is a 3.5-inch motherboard developed by Realbom.Using Intel Skylake -u series CPU, support i7-6500U/U/i5-6200U/i3-6100U/ 4205U/3955U/3855U and other low power consumption CPU. support 1 * 260 pin DDR4 SO - DIMM memory slot,Maximum support 16GB, support 3 independent display, EDP+ LVDS+ VGA, support 6*RS232 COM, 10*USB2.0, 2*USB3.0, 2* 10/100/1000M RJ45 LAN, 1*Msata, 1*wifi/4G, 1*SATA3.0, support 9-24v wide voltage input, can be widely used in financial desktop self-help industry.

The product has been largely used in the STM projects of Agricultural Bank of China, ICBC and other Banks.