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Realbom video conference solutions
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Intel latest Apollo platform can support independent three display, but only is opened on Windows system, and on android OS can only support double.Recorded applications based on the android, such as education record, video conference, intelligent POS, etc., All need three independent display under the android system, in view of this, Realbom developed an android OS  which could support independent three Display. And running up perfect in their own motherboard based on Intel Apollo platform.
During the processing of the vedio conference, the user needs the views of the other side in the meeting , the Close-up of the speaker in the other side. and the content of the laptop or IWB in the other side. to live transmission and display clearly. So that local participants have a better sense of participation and greater efficiency. And both participants need real time video and computer screen.
The diagram below shows the network topology diagram of the two participants.

The main features of Realbom product RB-J3455N used in the video conference scheme are as follows.
        *Intel Apollo Platform, J3455 CPU, 1.5GHz, 4*Cores,4*Threads
        *Supports 3 independent Display, support android
        *Supports 2 X 10/100/1000M LAN adapter
        *Support 2 X USB2.0, 4 X USB3.0
        *Support 2 X Powered COM, 1 X SATAIII, 1 X MSATA , 1 X  WIFI/4G LTE
        *Support HD Audio , 1 X Audio out, 1X MIC
        *Support 12DC Adapter
        *One 240-pin SODIMM up to 8GB, DDR3L 1066/1333 /1600 MHz

According to customer feedback, this program provides them with differentiated and high-performance product advantages, which won them more market and better user feedback.Because most of the video conference on the market at present all use the android scheme based on ARM, and this product of Realbom uses the android scheme based on IA architecture, has great differentiation, and better performance. It is very suitable for the video conference market which needs high performance and differentiated competition.