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Realbom RA-N0002 helps build a secure hotel Internet environment.
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RA-N0002 is a dedicated Internet behavior management developed by Realbom, based on Intel latest Baytrail J1900 CPU, four cores four threads, up to 2.0 GHz, support 1 root SO-DIMM memory slot, DDR3L 1333 MHZ, maximum support 8G, four Intel 10/100/1000M i211 network chip, Every port can achieve gigabit speed limitly, with ultra high network throughput and low delay, the whole machine size is only 275 * 175 * 44 mm, only can convenient place in the hotel front desk, without dedicated cabinets.

Match customer professional hotel management system, can be directly connected or bypass deployment in at the entrance of the hotel network, for all the bad or not compliance monitoring on the behavior of matter and post audit, and can prevent the network virus invasion, damage to the hotel network