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Realbom was invited to Industrial Computer conference of china 2021
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Realbom was invited to Industrial Computer conference of china 2021


       On December 16-17, Industrial Computer conference of china 2021 was successfully held in Shenzhen.

       The China Industrial Computer Conference is jointly organized by the Industrial Control Computer Committee of the Chinese Computer Society and CCF to create a new model jointly organized by the "China Industrial Computer Conference" and "CNCC2021 (China Computer Conference)". Realbom Information Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this conference, and at the conference, Liu Yongping, general manager of Realbom, was selected as a standing member of the Industrial Control Committee of the Chinese Computer Society.

        This conference aims to create a new generation through the ecological integration of industrial computers and related chips, middleware, operating systems, and industrial control systems, industrial equipment, industrial communications, industrial Internet, industrial big data, artificial intelligence, and various industrial software. The industrial control system platform empowers the "new infrastructure", especially the digital empowerment of the manufacturing industry, and promotes the high-quality development of China's economy.

        The chairman of the conference, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chief designer and commander of the third phase of the lunar exploration project, academician and researcher Yang Mengfei, honorary director of the CCF Industrial Control Computer Committee, and secretary general of the Chinese Computer Society delivered speeches respectively.

        As a member of the China Industrial Computer Society, Liu Fugang, product director of Shenzhen Realbom Information Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Realbom), also shared a keynote speech on "Industrial Computers Helping Financial Machinery Industry Breakthrough" to the live and online audience.

Liu Fugang, Product Director of Realbom, gives a speech

       For outstanding companies and product solutions, this conference also held the China Industrial Computer Annual Awards Ceremony, and announced the 2020 "Pioneer Enterprises" (3), "Innovative Products" (10), and "Excellent Solutions" of China Industrial Computer in 2020. And "Excellent Papers" and other awards. Mr. Liu, general manager of Ruibao Zhilian, presented awards to the award-winning companies of the annual outstanding papers.

President Liu of Realbom presents awards to the award-winning companies of the annual outstanding papers

     Realbom Special Industrial Three-screen Notebook won the "2021 China Industrial Computer Field Innovative Product of the Year"

       This award is an affirmation and recognition for Realbom. Realbom has been focusing on the R&D, design and production of embedded industrial motherboards and complete machines. Its products are mainly used in smart retail, smart finance, smart transportation, network security, smart industry and other IoT industries. For different target markets, Intel has launched Baytrail, Apollo lake, SKylake, Kaby lake, Coffee lake, Tiger lake and other key Intel platforms to fully support the requirements of various types of customers.

       Since the establishment of Realbom for more than six years, its performance has continued to grow substantially, and various new products have been continuously launched to satisfy different customers. Ruibao Zhilian will take this as a new starting point, continue to work hard, and work with partners to promote the upgrade of the industrial control industry and contribute its own strength.