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Q4’21 Intel - Realbom E2E Workshop
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Q4’21 Intel - Realbom E2E Workshop

        On November 12-13, the 2021 Q4 Intel-Realbom E2E Workshop was grandly held in Shenzhen Dameisha Jingji Intercontinental Resort.

        At this seminar, Intel’s China Internet of Things Business Unit sales manager Yang Jun and Realbom’s general manager David Liu  delivered speeches respectively, encouraging everyone to be confident, to continuously improve the quality of our products, and to unswervingly promote our Career, our future will definitely be brighter.

Yang Jun, Sales Manager of Intel China Internet of Things Division, delivered a speech

David Liu , general manager of Realbom, delivered a speech

       At this seminar, Intel’s senior technical experts in various fields conducted in-depth and comprehensive training on the Realbom R&D team, and had a lively discussion with colleagues of Realbom, and everyone benefited a lot.

Intel FAE Chen Shaojun introduced Intel IOTG Roadmap

Intel technical expert Huang Junjie introduced the technical principle and application of the dual system

Huang Hao, Intel’s rail transit industry technical expert, introduced the business situation of Intel’s smart transportation in China

Intel technology expert Professor Qu introduced software technologies such as Intel AI and Openvino

Intel technical expert Zhang Xia introduces Intel Android system-Celadon

       As a senior member of the Intel IOT Alliance, Realbom has been working closely with Intel to focus on the R&D, design and production of industrial motherboards and complete machines based on Intel's embedded platform. This year, it was awarded the "Intel Titanium Gold Partner in 2021" "It was included in the ODM Uplift plan by Intel. Realbom will take this as a new starting point and continue to work hard to work with Intel to promote the intelligent upgrading of various industries and contribute its own strength to the intelligent upgrading of various industries.