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Realbom won the "Application Breakthrough Award" at the 14th Intel IoT Summit 2021
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      The 14th Intel Internet of Things Summit 2021 with the theme of "Insights, Wisdom and Everything" will be held in Yinchuan from October 11th to 12th. A number of leaders and experts from Intel Corporation combined on-site speeches and video connections to focus on the unique environment of the Chinese market and shared Intel’s outstanding achievements in the fields of industry, retail, finance, video conferencing, and education

      As a senior member of the Intel IOT Alliance, Ruibao Zhilian was invited to participate in the summit, and displayed Ruibao Zhilian's machine vision, industrial edge node (IEN) and other solutions in the product display area. Product Director Liu Fugang also made the "Wisdom Keynote speech on the development trend of the financial industry.

       The summit brought together many industry experts and industry elites from hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers, system integrators, cloud service providers, etc. from across the country to discuss the application innovation of industry solutions and gain insights into data efficiency when data intelligence becomes the primary productivity. The rise of intelligence.

       Realbom works closely with Intel and is committed to the research and development of various products. At this IoT Summit, Realbom won the "Application Breakthrough Award" issued by Intel. Congratulations!

        Realbom has been focusing on the R&D, design and production of Intel embedded computer motherboards and complete machines. The application industries of the products include smart retail, smart finance, smart transportation, smart industry, etc. We have launched Baytrail, Skylake, Apollo lake, Gemini lake, Kaby lake, Coffee lake, Tiger lake and other key Intel platforms for different target markets. We will fully support the requirements of all types of customers and strive to become a company that "let partners rest assured Business".

        In the future, we will continue to bring innovative products and solutions to customers at home and abroad, and work hand in hand with everyone to promote the upgrade of the industrial control industry, Internet of Things equipment and various smart devices to create an outstanding future!